Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam Hindi श्री हनुमान जी 2019

Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam

What is Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam

The worship of Lord Shriram devotee Hanumanji erases all the problems of life.

It is believed that Hanuman is a god who is very pleased with only a few prayers and prayers. Tuesday and Saturday are best for their worship.

Apart from these two days, chanting the Hanuman 12 Naam of Hanumanji every day, every kind of desires are fulfilled and liberation from all the troubles of life.

Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam

Hanuman 12 Naam Hindi

Hanuman Ji is the only God in Kaliyug. So very happy, very soon. Even if you do some normal remedies also. So also Hanuman Ji is happy. If you worship people with full mind and reverence of Bajrangbali.

So your planet’s defects are removed. If your Upper is Saturn and Necklace of Saturn, you also benefit from it. According to the science, Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam miraculous names are given. The bad times can be removed from the chanting of these names.

These 12 names of Hanuman ji have their own glory. By chanting every name, you will get rid of many benefits and sufferings. remembering the 12 names of the holy name Bajrangbali not only increases your age but also attains all worldly pleasures.

Shri Hanumanji Maharaj protects the 12 people who constantly chanting the names, from ten directions and sky-rock.

NoName MantraName Meaning
1.हनुमानHanumanॐ श्री हनुमते नमः।Om Shri Hanumate Namah।Bhakta Hanuman, Who has a cleft in the chin
2.अञ्जनी सुतAnjani Sutaॐ अञ्जनी सुताय नमः।Om Anjani Sutaya Namah।Who is the son of Devi Anjani
3.वायु पुत्रVayu Putraॐ वायुपुत्राय नमः।Om Vayuputraya Namah।Who is the son of Vayu Deva
4.महाबलMahabalaॐ महाबलाय नमः।Om Mahabalaya Namah।Who possess great strength
5.रामेष्टRameshtaॐ रामेष्ठाय नमः।Om Rameshthaya Namah।Who is devoted to Shri Rama
6.फाल्गुण सखाPhalguna Sakhaॐ फाल्गुण सखाय नमः।Om Phalguna Sakhaya Namah।Who is the friend of Arjuna
7.पिङ्गाक्षPingakshaॐ पिंगाक्षाय नमः।Om Pingakshaya Namah।Whose eyes are yellow or reddish-brown
8.अमित विक्रमAmita Vikramaॐ अमितविक्रमाय नमः।Om Amitavikramaya Namah।Whose valor is immeasurable or boundless
9.उदधिक्रमणUdadhikramanaॐ उदधिक्रमणाय नमः।Om Udadhikramanaya Namah।Who has crossed the ocean
10.सीता शोक विनाशनSita Shoka Vinashanaॐ सीताशोकविनाशनाय नमः।Om Sitashokavinashanaya Namah।Who removed the sorrow of Devi Sita
11.लक्ष्मण प्राण दाताLakshmana Prana Dataॐ लक्ष्मणप्राणदात्रे नमः।Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah।Who is the giver of life to Shri Lakshmana
12.दशग्रीव दर्पहाDashagriva Darpahaॐ दशग्रीवस्य दर्पाय नमः।Om Dashagrivasya Darpaya Namah।Who destroyed the pride of ten-headed Ravana

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