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About In Hanuman Prashnavali Yantra

Hanuman Prashnavali Yantra : In our Hindu scriptures, we have been told about many types of instruments (chakra) with whose help we can find solutions to the problems arising in our minds, difficulties, etc. in our lives.

We have so far told you about the Shree Ganesh Questionnaire Yantra and the Navdurga Questionnaire Chakra, today we will tell you about Hanuman Questionnaire Chakra.

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Hanuman Prashnavali

Experiment Method: –

Those who want to answer their questions, they should wear clean clothes after bathing, and chant the mantra, after chanting the mantra 11 times.

After this, remembering the eyes closed Hanumanji stopped by turning the cursor on the questionnaire cycle.

Look at the answer in the bracket that the cursor will stay on the bracket (food).

विधि – एक प्रश्न के बारे में सोचो। जितना संभव हो उतना विशिष्ट रहें, प्रश्न को एक क्लोज-एंडेड संदर्भ में रखें: जैसे। “क्या मुझे इस साल तरक्की मिलेगी?”

अपने मन को अंदर की ओर मोड़ें और अपने हृदय को दिव्य शक्ति प्रदान करें। पांच बार ओम राम रामाय नमः का जाप करने के बाद ग्यारह बार ऊँ हनुमते नमः मंत्र का जाप करें। इस मामले पर ध्यान दें,

अपने आप को आत्मनिरीक्षण के कुछ सेकंड की अनुमति दें, और उत्तर प्राप्त करने के लिए तालिका में किसी भी संख्या का चयन करें।


Hanuman Prashnavali Yantra

fencing according to the points of brackets.

1- Your task will be completed soon.

2- It will take time for your work. Fast on Tuesday.

3- If you recite Hanuman Chalisa every day, then the work will be completed soon.

4- The work will not be completed.

5- The task will be speedy, but the help of another person will be taken.

6- Someone is stuck in your work, read Bajrang arrow.

7- A woman’s help is required in your work.

8- Your work will not work, do any other work.

9- Traveling for work will have to be done.

10- Keep a fast on Tuesday and give Chanala to Hanumanji, then the wish will be fulfilled.

11- Your wish will be completed soon. Read Sunderkand.

12- Your enemies are very much. Will not work.

13- worship Peepal tree. Work will be completed after one month.

14- You are getting a quick profit. On Tuesday, feed the jug and gram to the cow.

15- The body will remain healthy, the worries will go away.

16- The family will increase. Serve parents and recite Ramcharitmanas’ childhood.

17- There will be anxiety for a few days. O Han Hante Namah: Chant a mantra every day of the mantra.

18- Manumakamya will be completed by the worship and philosophy of Hanumanji.

19- You will benefit from the business. Increase business relationship in the South direction.

20- Relief of debt, recovery of wealth and achievement of happiness is going to happen soon. Read Hanuman Chalisa.

21- With the grace of Shri Ram Chandraji, we will get wealth. Make five masalas every day in the name of ShreeSitaram.

22- The difficulties will still have to be done, but ultimately victory will be yours.

23- Your days are not right. Pooja of Hanumanji daily. Cholas on Tuesday Freedom from the crisis will be achieved.

24- Your house is in opposition only. To make them friendly, fasten the full moon.

25- You will get good news soon.

26- Do all the work carefully.

27- The woman will benefit you. Read Durga Saptashati.

28- There is a problem for a few months now.

29- There is a delay in the accomplishment of your work.

30- Your friends will deceive you. Make a fast on Monday.

31- The happiness of children will be achieved. Worship Shiva and recite Shivamamnastotra.

32- Your enemies are bothering you. Read Shiva Tandavastoth by worshiping Parthiv Shivaling every day. On Monday, feed the Brahmins.

33- A woman wants to deceive you, be careful.

34- Your brothers and sisters are protesting. Keep the fast on Thursday.

35- You will benefit from the job. Promotion is possible, keep the full moon fast and make the story.

36- The journey will be good for you. Your good days have come.

37- The son will cause your concern. Chant the five rosaries named Rama every day.

38- You will be in trouble for a few days now. Do virtuous charity and devotion.

39- You will get success in state and lawsuit. Pursuing Shree Shitaram will benefit.

40- You will get success soon. Worship Hanumanji and chant Rambam.

41- Your wish will be fulfilled.

42- Time is not good yet.

43- You will face financial hardships.

44- You will get wealth.

45- Companions will enjoy happiness.

46- Children are about to attain happiness.

47- The misfortune has not ended yet. Foreign travel must definitely benefit.

48- Your good time is coming. The social and business sector will benefit.

49- Your time is very good. Your every wish will be fulfilled.

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